Women crush Wednesday

My women crush Wednesday goes to this beautiful young lady , Simbi well known as Little simz. She is a singer/rapper/songwriter , I love her music but mostly her personality. I may not know her personally but she plays a major role towards what inspires me. I’m inspired by how fearless she is since she understood she had to overcome her fears and the best is on the other side of fear.

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Tip for girls

A tip for girls cause my women know. Evolving from a girl to a women takes a lot more than learning from experience. To be a women for me is understanding that life will throw stones at you for you to use them to climb up and doing better. Not to be bitter nor build yourself with those stones. I analyse it like this if the world throw negative stones at you and you pick them up for you to use them to build yourself. Ask your self what will be the outcome?. What type of women will I be if I let the negativity projected upon me mend me. Will I turn women from girl or from girl to a bitter girl. Girl’s the tip is strive for being better , don’t turn bitter for no soul, hold your senses of control .Girls y’all are the future womens embrace it. Girl do better , you are better then being mend by experience and boxed by reality.

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Thoughts on being women

Being a women is being considerate and convenient for more girls to become women. Being a women is learning daily and teaching girls. Being a women is helping girls to become women and not hurt girls for they will not become good women. Being women is being able to handle pain but not tolerate it. Being women is to teach our sons about compassion that it’s a sin to hurt women cause women carry blessings. Being a women is being an example for girls to be inspired to aspire to be women who inspire. Being women is not to be bitter but loving. Being women is to be giving and caring. Being women is to nourish and nurture. Being women is not being taught how to be a women but teach yourself to be a women. Being women ain’t easy but being women is a precious gift from life cause women give life.

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Hello August

8 months down the year we definitely got to appreciate our ladies. Happy womens month to all women out there. Wish y’all an easy and exciting month. May y’all flourish & prosper. Life without y’all ain’t easy.

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Month end

It’s the end of July. The end of this 30 day blogging challenge. I enjoyed it was very a bit bumpy but cool. I hope you all enjoyed this month too shay we got to say bye. The nice thing is y’all got a chance to know more about me. I got to learn about my self too. If you want to do the challenge it too , just do it. If there is anything else you want to know about me, hit me up bellow at the comment section, que me , I’ll answer!.

Oh and by the way finish those monthly deadlines , you have the rest if today.

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Day 30

Hi guys. It’s day 30 with our last question. “Your hopes for blogging” , well my hopes for blogging is to Inspire suffering souls or just anyone seeking to enjoy good and free reads. Making money blogging as bonus my coffee don’t buy it self. Having my blog is like having my story in hopes I share this journey with y’all. I love blogging because I can express my self as a writer/have my blog as a profile. Well I’m getting a bit passionate but hey what can I say. I have a lot of hopes with it just stay tuned.

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Day 29

Hi guys it’s day 29 and I have “A confession” . I don’t like how I’ve rapidly changed , not my personality but the way I respond & look at things. I feel an imbalance to it , is hard to juggle being you and also considering that the world is not you. So it is not all the time you will get the response you hoped for , it makes it really hard to see who is who without being dissapinted and sometimes I feel like I hurt those who are genuine in the mist of me measuring , how far I can go for a person ; how far I should not go. That what causes the imbalance when you sometimes feel like you have to do mayfair (being fake/bad to those who are bad/fake or bring rea/good to those who are good/real) only to realise that ain’t you being you , but being you.

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