Hello November

We almost there, we almost on that new year new goals spirit. It’s the second last month of the year ; scary right. That’s what I think when I look at the calender. I feel all over the place and pressured that maybe I haven’t done enough , still haven’t accomplished much. The anxiety kicks in to persist the thoughts that play around my mind everytime I see the date , it all seems so far. What a way to start my month. Then there is that positivity that floods after to remind me you can never do everything, you can do just enough. Everything happens in due time. Now is also the right time to turn things around and have time working on your favor. So this month is dedicated to all procrastinators to start doing and stop thinking.

#Hello November.

#Anxiety & stress.

#Procastination kills act.

#How you overcoming such thoughts?

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The black girls demise

The black girl stays behind show , surcasing everything stay fresh and clean. She never have time to her self , she always think about what could have been. If she was given the time of day to do what she wants, while working on being a better being ; defeating all that oppresses her. They say she is soft to be in control , but the minute she embraces her fierce self they call her bitter, they call her names with no admiration of how much a leader she is to society. The black girl’s demise continues in the modern world for black girl to stay dependent to men , society says she must never be above one cause if so she will never have one. They tell her she will never have it all , it above a black girl’s will to handle it all they make her choose between love & money; so the black girl sacrifices by choosing love cause she craves love , she feed on love. She is the same girl that can make a man feel like a Man. That same black girl is left neglected in the name of love she loses more than her dreams but the ultimate price.

#A clear image of a black girls destiny.

#The black girl’s demise.


#To women that sacrifies their dreams to nurture society.

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Our biggest enemy

Our biggest enemy is our own colour , our own kind.

Our biggest downfall is us.

We lack unity.

We lack love and respect for each other.

We don’t help one another.

We don’t uplift or praise one another.

Our biggest enemy is us , black people.

We are the cause of problems in our community.

We are the pinnacles to our bright future.

We never find solutions/ resolution.We never forgive bad things.

Our biggest enemy is us.

We are the reason we sleep with our gaurd up , one eye open even when we know we locked up.

We are the reason for not willing to progress/move forward.

We are us but there is always a you first & I.##Black history month.

#Heal from divide & conquer.

#We are one.

#We are more than being bitter.

#Love yours.


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Divided world

We are only seperated by language , our skin colour , culture , religion & tribes. We are still one nation. We live in the same world. The world is ours. We all strive for freedom & success now it’s the time to make it ours. We are relatives love brings us together. Lets embrace our diversity and be connected by our similarities. We don’t have to be stangers in groups but family. We share a home called planet earth. We all play significant roles.

#Black history month.

#The world is our.

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Black girls rise

It doesn’t take straight hair to be queen. It doesn’t take skin bleaching to fit in. It doesn’t take English to be influential or heard. It doesn’t take that one black girl on the top to determine our success. It doesn’t take bling to show our state of wealth. It doesn’t take a prefect body to measure your worth but it takes a loving heart, an energetic soul. A thoughtful & intellectual mind to build a black queen It takes loving , respecting your origins ; culture and tribes. It about taking pride for who you are not what you are.

#Black girl rise & become one.

#No offense.

#Love yours.

#Black queens build black queens.

#We are sisters.

#Support your sister.

#Respect your creator.#Love your purpose.

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Hello October

Hello october , featuring this months Concept Black history. This concept is very close to me and I’ll leave y’all to find out why. Black history month is celebrating the history of what had been said as ‘blackness’. In this month we all given an opportunity to learn more about Black history. This concept also embraces change within ones struggle and implifies unity. It also persues that people must fall in love with their selves , their beliefs , their tradition and culture in order to respect others.

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#Celebrating ‘blackness’.

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Spring evening

As I layed against the window

On my bus ride home

Without my earphones to

Listen to music as usual

Just to pass time

On my way home

I felt the way home

Longer than usual

I took out my scrap journal

And wrote my thoughts

About my day and what had happened

How I could have made it a better day

Yet again I did not have no remorse

I just couldn’t help but think

What could have been

Than what have been

I felt so unapriciative

Cause I had a good day a day better

Than other days

Especially a day I longed to do

And be better

Somethings seemed clear

Regardless of the rain

I soaked in greatness and wisdom

I am greatful

To feel free

In this Spring evening.

#Spring evening.

#Do better , be better.


#living by grace.

#Thank heaven’s.

#Lord healed me.

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