Letters to life

Dear Life . I’ll start by saying thank you for giving me life . Through everything I’m forever greatful . How you always remind me that I haven’t lived yet everytime I think of suicide .That i have a purpose i can’t subside . I hear your little voice persuading me to keep breathing & don’t make living a task . Stay out to see the beauty life has to offer . I wrote this letter to give thanks and beg for your sympathy , sometimes I feel like I dont like the life you gave me . The weight you created on my shoulder weighs up everyday . It has made my back bend ; I forever walk looking down . That’s how I lose track of your beauty , kicking stones wishing I never came to life . Through the pain & suffer you throw my way I’m greatful for life . That I’m still alive.

#Letters to life .

#Live , laugh , love , life .

#What do you have to say to life ?

#How is life for you?

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