Letters to my friends

Dear friends . Thank you all for being a part of my life . I love you all regardless of how sometimes I feel like I don’t mean anything to y’all but y’all do to me . Maybe it just in my head , sometimes ; but I know it’s for sure when I feel it in my heart. Just like fate I know for sure there is a reason why we met . I’ve learnt so much from y’all about life , situations , relationships everything in general . But mostly about my self , I was able to study my self through y’all . The taboo is most of y’all aren’t the nicest of people but I still allowed y’all to come in my life in my circle to my heart despite that . Which scares me cause I’m fully against baddies , back stabbers , heartbreakers & pretenders . I always feel lonely even when I’m with y’all . I always have to scream a thousand times , so loud for y’all to hear my cries ; when they tired , dull ; when the energy to fight has gone away . Then y’all come ; act like y’all the reason why it went away . I’ve never felt real love or felt supported by y’all . Y’all are too quick to ask but never to give ; too quick to expect but never suprise . To quick to justify & defend yourselves everytime something happens . Saying sorry sounds so foreign to y’all but y’all always want to be given another chance . Y’all have damaged me so much , most of the time I’m reluctant to give friendship another chance .Well hey I guess that what I get for allowing such people in my life . Sometimes I blame my self for giving such people a chance . Sometimes for some it was my fault but for most I was never at fault.

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