Letters to my heart

Dear Heart . You probably in ripped shreads , in scattered peices but you still beautiful. You wonder around looking for somebody to nature you when you have me . I know sometimes I broke you but life handed me a piece of hammer to crush you out without knowing it would crush me out . I hope you find it easy to forgive me just like how you find it easy to love . Let go of the resentment you have for those that did you wrong I beg you cause even I did you wrong . My intentions were never to harm you now I arm you to love and let go . Dear heart I hope you stay as beautiful as me. I would go on about you but it’s time to go foward with you .I hope you heal .I love you .

#Letters to my heart.

#So miss my pure heart.

#I hope your heart heal.

#What do you have to say to your heart?

#Share your heartbreak story .

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