Letters to my sister

Dear sister : I really don’t know what to say to you cause you a whole lotta everthing . I’ll start by saying I love you so much , never forget that I’m greatful to have you as my little sister . I hope you know how much you mean to me .I know you might not think that but I have been finding it very hard to show it to you but you do . You are the best sister ever . You my sunshine , you my hope my strength and my bestfriend through all of our cat fights you still my cutie pie . You are such a mood I love your energy you are a great somebody Angela . You hold my composure . I pray the lord brings us closer together each day and create a healthy bond between us . I’m sorry for those times I threw tantrums on you .You are the only friend I trust with my emotions . I know we don’t speak that much it breaks me , it makes me feel like I’m far away from you . I fail to understand why maybe we both shy .When I fail you I feel like I have failed my self cause you are a part of me .More than that you hold a special place in my heart . I’ll always be by your side I’m proud of you & I’m proud of having you as my little sister.

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