Spring evening

As I layed against the window

On my bus ride home

Without my earphones to

Listen to music as usual

Just to pass time

On my way home

I felt the way home

Longer than usual

I took out my scrap journal

And wrote my thoughts

About my day and what had happened

How I could have made it a better day

Yet again I did not have no remorse

I just couldn’t help but think

What could have been

Than what have been

I felt so unapriciative

Cause I had a good day a day better

Than other days

Especially a day I longed to do

And be better

Somethings seemed clear

Regardless of the rain

I soaked in greatness and wisdom

I am greatful

To feel free

In this Spring evening.

#Spring evening.

#Do better , be better.


#living by grace.

#Thank heaven’s.

#Lord healed me.

#Seek sanity.

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