Our biggest enemy

Our biggest enemy is our own colour , our own kind.

Our biggest downfall is us.

We lack unity.

We lack love and respect for each other.

We don’t help one another.

We don’t uplift or praise one another.

Our biggest enemy is us , black people.

We are the cause of problems in our community.

We are the pinnacles to our bright future.

We never find solutions/ resolution.We never forgive bad things.

Our biggest enemy is us.

We are the reason we sleep with our gaurd up , one eye open even when we know we locked up.

We are the reason for not willing to progress/move forward.

We are us but there is always a you first & I.##Black history month.

#Heal from divide & conquer.

#We are one.

#We are more than being bitter.

#Love yours.


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