The black girls demise

The black girl stays behind show , surcasing everything stay fresh and clean. She never have time to her self , she always think about what could have been. If she was given the time of day to do what she wants, while working on being a better being ; defeating all that oppresses her. They say she is soft to be in control , but the minute she embraces her fierce self they call her bitter, they call her names with no admiration of how much a leader she is to society. The black girl’s demise continues in the modern world for black girl to stay dependent to men , society says she must never be above one cause if so she will never have one. They tell her she will never have it all , it above a black girl’s will to handle it all they make her choose between love & money; so the black girl sacrifices by choosing love cause she craves love , she feed on love. She is the same girl that can make a man feel like a Man. That same black girl is left neglected in the name of love she loses more than her dreams but the ultimate price.

#A clear image of a black girls destiny.

#The black girl’s demise.


#To women that sacrifies their dreams to nurture society.

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15 thoughts on “The black girls demise

  1. I certainly can relate, but this black girl chose self love. I chose self. Yes, let them me names, and say all other manner of things. I choose to be free so I can create my life on my terms.💖

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