Hello November

We almost there, we almost on that new year new goals spirit. It’s the second last month of the year ; scary right. That’s what I think when I look at the calender. I feel all over the place and pressured that maybe I haven’t done enough , still haven’t accomplished much. The anxiety kicks in to persist the thoughts that play around my mind everytime I see the date , it all seems so far. What a way to start my month. Then there is that positivity that floods after to remind me you can never do everything, you can do just enough. Everything happens in due time. Now is also the right time to turn things around and have time working on your favor. So this month is dedicated to all procrastinators to start doing and stop thinking.

#Hello November.

#Anxiety & stress.

#Procastination kills act.

#How you overcoming such thoughts?

#How does this month have you feeling?

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