The update

Hi guys , I know I kind off got lost for like a month and some days , those I have on my Instagram or other apps will know life has been lovely regardless my offish behavior. There was a lot of evolving going on and there still is ; I’m so grateful. I decided to take a month off blogging just to have fun lol I missed it though cause writing is like a part of me. I didn’t completely take a break of it , hence I have a few pieces I wrote on my notes , journals and on my tab. Realized you can never get away or avoid something you love. Most of my written pieces are about love I have been trying to better myself ; understand my self within love. I think that where I fell short sometimes I wouldn’t understand the smallest things . All that made me realize you can be a good person but still hurt other people unintentionally due to the fact that you fail to understand whats best for them or even you. At this point understanding is so vital at some point too you able to understand intentions and that when you go trough something you understand it better. I might not know where I’m going will this post but the moral of it is that there is always room to be better and understanding sometimes not for “them” but for your self.

The update is Hi honey I’m better , I’m proud of myself.

#What’s your update?

#How are you going to do things different this year?

#Will writing still be part of your anual goals?

#What are your revelations.

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4 thoughts on “The update

  1. This year I began in prayer🙏. I ended 2018 with a weak prayer life. 2019 ended with me understanding the value of prayer. When I began praying daily it seemed like a bit of a chore. Now, it is habit that flows naturally through out the day. So, I began 2020 with thankfulness and gratitude 🙏🙂

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    1. Hi Marjorie. Happy new year once again. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you feel like you have to be greatful more than anything it means you blessed. It’s one of the best feelings ever cause even in your down or low days you remember how blessed you are you hold your composure. Stay blessed.❤

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