Hello September

Hello september with confidence I must say for me the month just started. Don’t freak out I can count , it is the 23rd day of September and this is my first blog post this month. In the beginning of the month my aim was to write about spring since it’s my favourite season cause you get both warm/cool weather’s where I can totally rock almost everything in my wardrobe which I’m enjoying. Anyways this month has totally been a waste since I planned to use it to study which I didn’t. I feel so guilty & if you have been following me on Instagram you would see I’ve been out and about enjoying spring from the Southern part of the world.

Now back to reality dreams mean work!.

I’m sincerely sorry for the late replies on comments hope y’all well and been having a great month. By the way there is still time to finish those monthly goals.

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What I love about being female?

Omg I ran over this question on the internet ; I thought let me just answer it here as a blog post , and count all my blessing on being female. Well let dive into it with the ‘why’s’ here and there. I’ll try list as much as I can. I’m caught off guard really.💔😂

What I love about being female:

-Easy to confide in.

-I bare a soul.

-I’m a complete being.

-I’m not limited in most expects.

-I’m a flexible gender.

-I can be artistic with my apperance.

-I have freedom of ‘wear’ by that I mean as a female I can rock skirts , pants , suit and not be seemed as external change of sexuality but freedom of ‘wear’.

*I really never thought about this question and I’m finding it hard to answer , maybe I’m not greatful enough. Lol I am so that’s why I’m taking a day to find out what other females love about being female. I’ll just modify this post later when I find out.

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Measuring a women

Ah hah. I don’t think I’m ready for this post but my heart is heated by this ‘measuring a women’ wide spread ideology and I really wanted to put it out this month. The way to ‘measuring a women’ has changed rapidly compared to the past years. The change continues , it is absurd and also shameful to our Queendom(Femalenation).

Measuring a women : A women is looked for how her breast is , how her butt is shaped. How well does she dress or does her her. How ‘bomb’ her pictures are. How big or less of a forhead. Basically all these physical attractions has been made a way to measure a women. For your information ‘scale’ ; that’s no women that’s a doll.

These type of measures have depreciated our quality & worth … cause why ? ; We are not measured correctly so we taken lightly or assumed to be enough. Many women feel inadequate cause of this. They start focusing more on what’s on the outside than what’s on the inside. What you have more than who you are.

Measuring people in general is okay but the aim of this post is what you see on the outside is one thing and what you see on the inside is another thing. So you forced to choose one or both it’s okay. Just don’t base your measures on apperance cause appearance doesn’t fulfill the heart, love or care for you.

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Women crush Wednesday

My women crush Wednesday this week. goes to Breeny lee (I’ll insert her social details after I say why she is my wcw). Breeny lee is a whole of everything confident , strong and fearless. She influences/uplift womens daily!. I learnt a lot from her uTube videos , she speaks of honesty to women and girls. I wrote a little something to go with this. It comes from her fearless character and I realised one thing . Women you are not to be powerful but to be fearless. Only the man can be powerful but not fearless. Women being fearless is far greater than being powerful cause power doesn’t make/define you or take you where you want to go but being fearless does. Your success depend on you , not letting fear obsure you. Strive to be fearless women. You can and you will.

Her socials to connect with her (Search)

UTube :BreenyLee

Instgram :Breenylee

Blog :Musingsofbee.blog.com

Snap chat:Breenylee

Twitter :Breenylee

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Dear women

Dear women I hope you fall in love with yourself even more. Love yourself like how you love others nature your heart, warm your heart for you and those you love. Respect strangers like friends, your love goes to no end. Serve not to be a servant to life but a giver.

Dear women don’t let your gender be an excuse to what you can or cannot do. You just as powerful and supreme. Never wonder around not knowing where you come from , you come from the Queendom , straighten your crown!.

Dear women, be the Queen that you are , love the queen that you are. Never be apologetic to being queen and having standards cause your standards makes you fly high. Not to intimidate but imitate what you what coming your way.

Dear women your beauty is not measured by the size of your body or your beauty but your mind set and demeanour to become better not bitter about things that go wrong. Women you can be better and you deserve better.

Dear women there is no life worth living without you. You make , inspire and influence the nation. Your presence is worshiped. You are appreciated by all those that understand that you are the source of life in human form.

Dear women I wish you stay strong and live longer to see your dreams come true. There is no fairytale life. It all start with you. Women say I can do and I will do what I want to do. Look in the mirror and say I love you.

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Women we can all shine

Can’t we ? Why don’t we ? all be queens that put each other in higher position. I mean we can all win ; it doesn’t have to be that one Queen on the top of the totem. We can all be at the top of the totem. After all we all born queens. Let stop toppling each other , there is no need for competition cause we need each other to focus on creating opportunities and uplifting our Queendom. Women free your mind open your heart for other women to do the same. Queens build Queen’s to increase our quality as queens.

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Women crush Wednesday

My women crush Wednesday goes to this beautiful young lady , Simbi well known as Little simz. She is a singer/rapper/songwriter , I love her music but mostly her personality. I may not know her personally but she plays a major role towards what inspires me. I’m inspired by how fearless she is since she understood she had to overcome her fears and the best is on the other side of fear.

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Tip for girls

A tip for girls cause my women know. Evolving from a girl to a women takes a lot more than learning from experience. To be a women for me is understanding that life will throw stones at you for you to use them to climb up and doing better. Not to be bitter nor build yourself with those stones. I analyse it like this if the world throw negative stones at you and you pick them up for you to use them to build yourself. Ask your self what will be the outcome?. What type of women will I be if I let the negativity projected upon me mend me. Will I turn women from girl or from girl to a bitter girl. Girl’s the tip is strive for being better , don’t turn bitter for no soul, hold your senses of control .Girls y’all are the future womens embrace it. Girl do better , you are better then being mend by experience and boxed by reality.

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Thoughts on being women

Being a women is being considerate and convenient for more girls to become women. Being a women is learning daily and teaching girls. Being a women is helping girls to become women and not hurt girls for they will not become good women. Being women is being able to handle pain but not tolerate it. Being women is to teach our sons about compassion that it’s a sin to hurt women cause women carry blessings. Being a women is being an example for girls to be inspired to aspire to be women who inspire. Being women is not to be bitter but loving. Being women is to be giving and caring. Being women is to nourish and nurture. Being women is not being taught how to be a women but teach yourself to be a women. Being women ain’t easy but being women is a precious gift from life cause women give life.

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Hello August

8 months down the year we definitely got to appreciate our ladies. Happy womens month to all women out there. Wish y’all an easy and exciting month. May y’all flourish & prosper. Life without y’all ain’t easy.

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